Dr John Bladen

MBBS, BSc, MRCS, PGCert, PhD, FRCOphth
MBBS, BSc, MRCS, PGCert, PhD, FRCOphthConsultant Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr John Bladen is a highly specialised Consultant Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon working at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust looking after adults and children. He has world class expertise in cancers of the eyelid and orbit. He completed his ophthalmology training at the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital including in a fellowship in Oculoplastic Surgery, followed by a second fellowship at Queen Victoria Hospital, a specialist tertiary centre focused on transformative reconstructive surgery and burns care.

Specialist in Oculoplastic and Orbital surgery including:

  • Adult and paediatric general ophthalmology (eyelid lumps, red eye, dry eye, blepharitis, floaters)

  • Cataract Surgery

  • Eye and facial wrinkles and lines including botulinum A toxin

  • Cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery including eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty)

  • Droopy eyelids (ptosis surgery)

  • Watering eye and the management of lacrimal disease including endonasal surgery

  • Eyelid cancer including frozen margin controlled excision

  • Thyroid eye disease

  • Bells palsy (facial nerve) ocular rehabilitation